The International Hebrew Exam

What is The International Hebrew Exam?

The International Hebrew Exam gives high-school students around the world the opportunity to:

  •     Strengthen Hebrew language proficiency
  •     Develop reading, listening, and speaking skills
  •     Increase knowledge of Hebrew literature and
  •     Connect with Israel and its vibrant culture

The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education at Bar-Ilan University provides enrolled teachers with study materials, summaries and suggested lesson plans. The content is free.

High school students can receive an official transcript from Bar-Ilan University, which can be used for transfer credits in other universities (fees apply).

Program Benefits

For Teachers

Free Content: Equips teachers with free instructional resources to cultivate students’ love of Hebrew and Israel.

Flexible structure: Enables teachers to use modular content over a one-year intensive period or spread out over multiple years.

For Students

Rigorous program: Varied and enriching content that will elevate knowledge of Hebrew language and literature.

Academic credit: Interested students can enroll to receive an official transcript from Bar-Ilan University.

Digital Format

The International Hebrew Exam is a digital test, allowing students from all over the world to participate. (Hebrew typing is not required.)


The new International Hebrew Exam will elevate the study of Hebrew language among Jewish teens around the world and cultivate long-lasting connections with the State of Israel

~ Zohar Yinon, Chief Executive Officer of Bar-Ilan University